Getting Started With Slippery Elm



  1. Begin with 1/2 to one level teaspoonful of slippery elm powder to one cup of hot or cold water, juice, milk or your favourite beverage. Dosages are highly individual, but first time users are recommended to start with a small dose and increase as required.


  3. Place in a cup and gradually pour in your liquid, stirring gently. Continue stirring until the powder is completely mixed in. Pure slippery elm is just ground inner bark and takes a little while to fully dissolve –  and the fresher your product the longer it takes!



    Many thanks to Tremor Bradley for this brief demo!



  5. Ideally leave your slippery elm drink for a good five to ten minutes to absorb more liquid. It contains high levels of natural soothing mucilage, so will have a slightly mucilaginous consistency – you can easily see this by letting some slide off your spoon. But do not worry – it is not at all ‘slimy’ and is quite pleasant to drink.


  7. Slippery elm has a bland cardboardy taste. It is not really unpleasant, but it is never going to flavour ice-cream. Commercial slippery elm food often has sugar to sweeten, but healthier sweeteners or flavourings are recommended. If you are taking it to ease the symptoms of indigestion or acid reflux, you may get the best effects by taking it unflavoured, although good results can be obtained by adding a little live plain yoghurt and/or raw honey.

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