Buckwheat Groats Raw Organic 500g

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Despite its name, buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) is not related to the wheat family and for that reason is a popular ingredient in gluten free and raw food recipes.  It is classed as a seed rather than a grain product.


Buckwheat is gluten free and  an excellent source of biologically available protein containing a good variety of amino acids.


Buckwheat has a very wide variety of uses, one of the most popular being to make gluten free flour and pasta products.
In addition to gluten free flour and pasta, buckwheat has also been used in the production of alcohol (both beer and whisky).

How to use Buckwheat

Buckwheat is very versatile. Soak for about thirty minutes before use to increase digestibility. They can then be added to recipes or dehydrated and ground into a gluten free raw flour. Alternatively, rinse and drain twice daily for nutritious buckwheat sprouts. Buckwheat groats can also be boiled or steamed.


Best Before

Best before end: March 2021

Country of Origin

Country of Origin: China


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