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Carob powder comes from the pods of the carob tree (Ceratonia Siliqua) which is also known as St Johns Bread. This raw food quality carob powder is supplied in a resealable foil pouch and certified organic by the Soil Association.

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March 2020


A naturally sweet product organic carob powder is nutritious and a very good source of B1.  It is also a good source of Vitamin A, B2, Calcium, Iron and Potassium.


Despite chocolates good press in recent times, carob remains a healthy alternative.  As it is a naturally sweet product it is well suited to sugar free recipes.  It is also commonly used as a chocolate replacement for flavour purposes although there are differences in taste.
Unlike chocolate, carob is safe for dogs and therefore is great for doggie chocolate.

How to take or use carob powder

Add to taste to recipes for a sweet chocolate-like flavour.

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